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I have devoted my career to understanding and fighting poverty and hunger. Over the last two decades, I have immersed myself in SNAP eligibility rules, school meals participation trends and challenges, and WIC and CACFP policy issues and data, among many other programs and issues. My experience has allowed me to see hunger in America from different angles: as a policy researcher for a think tank, as a data manager for an advocacy organization, as a volunteer at my local food pantry, and now as a freelance data analyst working with advocates across the country.

I am ready to put my expertise to use helping you wrangle your data and getting the numbers you need to make your case. Let's talk.

Ask an Expert

Policy Expertise

  • SNAP

  • School meals

  • WIC


  • Poverty

  • Minimum wage

  • TANF

  • Head Start

Analysing data

Data Expertise

  • Administrative data from USDA/FNS, state/local agencies

  • American Community Survey

  • Decennial Census

  • Current Population Survey (ASEC and food security module)

  • National Center for Education Statistics (Common Core of Data)

  • Gallup polls food security question

Graphic Shapes

Visualization Tools

  • Tableau

  • Power BI

  • D3

  • R and R markdown

  • Excel


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