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Healthy Food

Digesting Food Data


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Received data in PDF? Cluttered Excel files? I can extract meaningful data from the messiest sources and transform them into neat rows and columns, complete with a data dictionary.


Analyses across the food and nutrition safety net spectrum, including SNAP and WIC take-up rates, school breakfast participation, food insecurity rates, scorecards, and legislative cost estimates. I offer analysis at the federal, state, and local levels.


Data visualization helps your data tell a story. I offer charts, interactive tables and maps, and dashboards in Tableau or Power BI. Got something else in mind? Let's talk!


I am a policy and data enthusiast and professional with over two decades of experience and a big heart. I love helping people. Combining that with my love of data just made sense. My primary interest is hunger and food access issues in the United States, with expertise in the federal nutrition programs like SNAP, school meals, CACFP, and WIC. Because hunger is a product of poverty, I am also interested in broader poverty issues like a living wage, universal basic income pilots, and access to the basics of life: housing, utilities, water, health care, education, and of course food.

The anti-hunger community in America is rich with dedicated, caring champions fighting for improvements to the federal nutrition programs and for economic justice. I am so inspired by this community. I want to help.

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